Mark Raymaker bio

After resigning my IT Manager position where I worked in North Adams for the last 16 years I moved to Wellington New Zealand where I worked for one year as a volunteer at Zealandia. Zealandia is a bird sanctuary of over 500 acres, encircled by a 10 foot high predator fence that is over 5 miles in circumference, with approximately 20 miles of hiking and maintenance trails. All this is adjacent (20 minute walk) from the capital city of New Zealand with population around 400,000 people.

My daily duties included but not limited to: bicycle repair, shed erection and repair, bird feeding (lugging 5 gallon containers of sugar water mix up steep hills, soil erosion projects, brush (gorse) removal on both sides of the predator fence, main fence inspection and repair, and more.

I also worked one day a week for Forest & Bird where I transplanted and weeded native species to grow for donation to organizations that use these donated plants to combat invasive species.

Now I am back in the States and I hope to contribute to One World Conservation Center my energy and skills to further conservation in Vermont.

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