Amy Halsted bio

I graduated from the University of Connecticut with a French degree in 1976, and attained a Masters in Public Administration from CUNY’s Baruch College in 1993. I arrived full time in Bennington on Halloween of 2014, following retirement from 27 years of non-profit administration in an association of physicists. I had worked in the organization’s governance, its physics journals, and international affairs; and also in three of its offices: Manhattan, suburban Maryland, and eastern Long Island.  My naturalist and birding interests grew during my 15 years on Long Island, and so I was immediately attracted by the OWCC property when I arrived in Vermont. I have birded there regularly, and am always delighted by the variety of wildlife I see.  At the suggestion of Mark Raymaker, I  drafted a letter for Holly Betit’s signature that resulted in funding from rk Miles to replace benches on the property. In this way I got more interested in OWCC and was pleased to accept the invitation to begin a term of service on the Board. I’m particularly interested in grant writing and fund raising, and in writing assignments.

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